Clopay Garage Doors – What Are Your Options?

When it comes to garage doors, Clopay is one of the most sought after brands out in the market today. Not really surprising considering their reputation as the leading manufacturer in North America. Currently, the product is being sold through numerous local garage door companies including our self’s hear at Hung Right Doors.

One of the biggest attractions of Clopay garage doors is the fact that they have multiple collection options. This makes it easy for homeowners to find garage doors that are suitable for the overall design of their home. Currently, Clopay is the product manufacturer of the following lines.

Cypress Collection
The Cypress Collection not only features the Ultra-Grain paint finish by the brand but also comes with an insulated design. This creates an energy efficient garage door that carries the signature sophistication of the brand without costing too much for the homeowner. The collection offers many design options and will look good in rustic, contemporary and traditional style homes.

Avante Collection
Composed of aluminum and glass, this garage door type is appealing in its simplicity. It comes with both interior and exterior applications, depending on the needs of the user. Due to the modern combination of glass and aluminum, the Avante is best used for contemporary designs. It comes with an optional insulated glass with replaceable vinyl bottom that helps seal against the elements.

Coachman Collection
Dubbed the Coachman due to their Victorian-esque design, garage doors falling within this line carry the classic appeal of wood-carriage styles. Made from four layers of insulated steel, the product is low maintenance and very durable, allowing homeowners to install it and forget about it. The different styles under the collection are extensive which should complement the different preferences of an individual. Home architectural styles that best blend with this line include Tudor, Victorian, Traditional, Shaker, French Country and Craftsman.

Gallery Collection
Vintage style garage doors with a small change for enhanced appeal, the Gallery Collection comes with two or three layers of steel construction. Buyers have the option of getting the insulated or non-insulated design, depending on personal preferences. The operation of these models is overhead although the exterior looks like it opens as a swing-type. Clopay uses the Ultra-Grain paint finish for this line with color options of dark oak, medium and walnut.

Of course, those are just a few of the collections offered by Clopay garage doors. With numerous options, it wouldn’t be impossible for owners to find the design that fits their home perfectly. Homeowners who can’t quite find what they’re looking for have the option of having doors made especially for them. This is perfect for individuals with homes that are unique and therefore not following a specific style.

As for the construction process, Clopay garage doors have proven time and again that they are at the top of their class. The brand name has consistently provided the buying public with high quality door designs created from reliable materials. This ensures that the craftsmanship is not only exquisite but will be able to provide durable protection for years to come.

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