Garage Door Maintenance Part 1

Garage Door maintenance is often left up to the professionals. And of course, we recommend having some of the more complicated work done by us, 😉 “Hung Right Doors” there are a few maintenance tasks that you can totally do yourself! Being able to do your own maintenance can save you so much headache. Making…

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How to Tell if the Business You’re Hiring is actually local

If you read a few posts back, (click here to check it out) you’ll have seen a few reasons why we believe that it’s important that you hire locally for your home maintenance. Local companies are a huge boost to your community’s economy; supporting them really means you are supporting yourself too. Although, more and…

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How To Properly Lube Your Garage Door

One of the easiest ways to maintain your door at home is to lube it about twice a year, or as needed. Lubing your door is quick and simple, but there are a few basic rules you should follow to ensure that your door stays in pristine condition. I’ve laid out 7  rules for you…

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