Why You Should Call A Professional for Garage Door Repair Olympia

A garage door is something that many can easily take for granted. However, it is important to remember that it’s also a heavy piece of equipment that requires proper maintenance and repair from time to time. Frequent use, occasional accidents and the normal wear and tear will eventually require it’s components to be repaired or even replaced. In this case, you need a professional garage door repair service like Hung Right Doors in South West Washington to solve your concern.

garage door repair olympia

While a garage door maintenance is something you can do on your own, there are some garage door services that require a professional hand. If you are still thinking of doing the repair work on your own, here are some reasons why you should consider  calling a professional to repair your garage door:

Quick and Reliable Garage Door Repair Olympia

A garage door repair isn’t always as simple as it looks.  A 10-minute repair for a skilled professional may turn into a one-day project for an inexperienced individual.  A professional garage door repair technician from Hung Right Doors has a been trained and equipped with a variety of skills to repair your garage door properly and quickly. They also have years of industry experience under their belt, so they can fix even the most complex issues you encounter with your garage door.

It is Safer for Everyone

Seeking a professional assistance to repair your garage door is the safest option for you and the entire family than doing it on your own.  Remember that a garage doors can be heavier and larger they you expect and can often weigh over a hundred pounds, making them very dangerous and difficult to handle on your own, especially if you do not have any experience.  Any unanticipated issues with the springs, reversing mechanisms or sensors can cause it to come crashing down that may cause injuries or even death. To keep you and loved ones safe,  be smart and just call an expert to repair your garage door.

Prevent Any Additional Damage

When it comes to repairing your automatic garage door, what seams like a quick push of a button can easily turn into a few hour project, or even longer.

Therefore, calling an expert from Hung Right Doors to help is a must to make sure your garage is working properly. They are trained to avoid any mistakes that could make any problem worse. If you do the project on your own and make a mistake, it could really be a hassle for you whole family by not being able to get your car out of the garage or leaving you stuck from going anywhere.  Save yourself the headache and just make the call to
highly trained professionals like the expert technicians at Hung Right Doors 360.753.2222


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5 Benefits of an Insulated Garage Door

5 Benefits of an Insulated Garage Door in Washington
(Other than keeping your garages temperature regulated)


There are a lot of great things about having an insulated garage door. The first and most obvious of which is that it keeps your garages temperature regulated- keeps it cool in the summer, and warm in the wintertime.
But what if your garage its self isn’t insulated? Or if your garage isn’t even attached to your house? Does it still matter if your garage door is insulated?

YES! Keeping your garage warm or cool is not the only function of an insulated garage door. Outlined below are five reasons that having an insulated garage door makes sense.

1. Insulated garage doors save you money.

Many people complain about draftiness in their homes. When your house is cold and drafty, you turn up the heat. Likewise in the summer, if the hot temperatures are leaking through the garage, you might turn up the air conditioning. Having to constantly mess with your homes thermostat to keep your house a comfortable temperature means that your power bill keeps going up and up.

Having your garage door being insulated means that it keeps the hot and cold air from circulating through your home so much. This reduces draftiness and keeps the hot/cold air in your house therefore stopping you from having to use so much energy. In the long run, this saves you money as well as helps you be just that much greener.

2. Your door is less noisy and keeps noise from outside, out!

Non-insulated garage doors can be very noisy when they go up and down because they rattle and squeak. Insulated doors in comparison are more of a solid unit so they are much quieter in operation. This can be especially helpful if you have members of your household who leave early in the morning or who come home late at night. The reduction in noise is a lot less disruptive to the rest of the house.

It also helps to keep your house and garage quieter as whole since sound doesn’t travel very well through insulated doors. Because of this, sound that comes from traffic or other neighbors outside stays mostly outside.

3.  Insulated garage doors are sturdier.

Clopay non-insulated doors are made out of one layer of 25 gauge steel. Clopay insulated garage doors are made of a front piece of 25-gauge steel, either polystyrene or polyurethane insulation, and one more piece of 25-gauge steel.
This means it’s more than twice as sturdy as a non-insulated door! Because of the extra materials that insulated doors are made with, it’s way harder to dent or ruin an insulated garage door than it is to dent or damage a non-insulated door.
People hit their doors with their cars ALL THE TIME. It’s a sad and sometimes embarrassing reality but it happens. And when it does, non-insulated doors are usually completely ruined. If the person has an insulated door, the door is often still operable.

4.  Insulated garage doors last longer.

Because insulated doors are sturdier, they generally last longer than non-insulated doors. Non-insulated have been known to buckle and bend with extended use. Because there is only one layer of steel to the door instead of two with insulation in the center, the door can’t stand up to the pull and pressure of using the door over and over again like an insulated door can.
The more door you have, the more it will stand up to extended use.

5. Insulated doors increase the value of your home.

In remodeling magazine’s cost vs. value report from 2016, replacing your garage door offers one of the highest cost recoup projects in home remodels the recoup percentage given was 108%).

Because insulated doors help you to save money, reduce noise in your home, and last longer, they increase the value of your home. Even if you aren’t wanting to sell your house in the near future, it’s never a bad idea to do things that will help to make your home more valuable.

There are lots of things that make an insulated garage door worth the purchase. Energy conservation to longevity of your investment, an insulated garage door is a wonderful choice for your home.

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Garage door service

Ask yourself how often you think about your garage door? If you are like most other people that have a garage door when you are using it you have a lot on your mind. You open the door to leave the house usually in a hurry to get somewhere or for some other task like mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, washing the car etc.

Hung Right Doors Service Van

Unless you are trying to improve the curb appeal of your home by replacing your garage door you will only think about it if it falls down, stops working, or makes a lot of noise.

The fee to have the door serviced is easily justified when compared to the inconvenience of having your car trapped inside your garage because your door failed to open. The calls we get here at Hung Right Doors are usually from someone in a panic because they can’t get there car out to go to work, take their kids to school, or some other important event that they need to get to NOW. We had one yesterday from a person in Tumwater. We can usually get to their house the same day they call and fix it but unless you leave for your appointments early every time just in case your garage door does not open you will still be inconvenienced. The broken garage door problem gets even worse if it’s after hours or on the weekend. Companies that have 24 hour service usually charge a higher rate for emergency service. A customer told me she paid 3 times the normal service rate for a after hours garage door service repair in Olympia WA. In some cases when you are done paying for an after hours or emergency service call you could have purchased a new door for the same price.

When you have your door serviced annually the person that comes out should check the garage door and all of its components including the garage door opener. When you call Hung Right Doors one of our technicians will come out the same day in most cases and give you a free estimate. If you agree to have the work done for the price you are given our fully stocked trucks almost always have all parts needed to get the job completed immediately. We start by inspecting the door while it is disconnected from the opener. Once the opener is disconnected we can make sure the door is balanced so that if the opener fails you can unhook it from the door and open & close the door by hand until you have it repaired. After we have completely gone over the door we go through the opener to check it out. The next step is connecting the door back up to the opener and doing a safety check of the reversing system. Once the service is finished, our technician will have inspected all the parts of the door and opener, adjusted the track and springs, lubed all the components and completed the safety check. We can teach you how to lubricate the door & opener yourself. We can also teach you how to check a few basic functions of the door and opener. With these basics you can increase your time between services by doing it yourself. We still recommend a professional do any adjustments to the springs or any other part of the door. There have been a number of serious injuries and even deaths from garage doors.

Your garage door is the largest mechanical object in your home. Not maintaining your door is similar to not changing the oil in you car or replacing the tires when they are worn sooner or later it will fail. Maintaining your door greatly decreases the chance that you will have any issues at an inopportune time leaving you helpless.

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Most common garage door opener glitches

opening garage door with remote

Opening and closing your garage door should be a positive experience. Originally the garage door opener’s intended purpose was to automatically open and close the garage door when driving your car in or out of the garage. Since then a lot of people use the garage as a storage area for everything except their vehicles leaving no room for the car. Whether you are using your garage for storage or to keep the car safe there may be a time or two that you push the button and it malfunctions.

When the time comes to open your garage door if nothing happens when you push the button there are a few reasons it may not be working. One of the most common garage door opener repairs in Lacey, Aberdeen, and Tumwater are plastic drive gears stripping out inside the unit. When the garage door opener makes a humming noise and nothing moves this is more than likely the problem. Inside the motor housing of some garage door openers there is a worm gear on the motor shaft and another gear on the drive shaft. The drive gear is a white round piece mounted on the sprocket drive shaft typically this gear shows wear and will leave shavings at the bottom of the motor cover once it has worn out. The worm gear is on the motor shaft. This gear will hardly ever show wear but must be replaced at the same time. You can purchase the two gears in a kit or you can get the gear and sprocket assembly that includes the drive shaft with the chain sprocket on top. We always have these garage door opener parts in stock. If you are not close bye we can usually bring them to you.
plastic drive gears stripping out of garage door -HungRightDoorsllc.com
If your garage door will open normally with the remote, wireless keypad or wall button inside the garage but will only close when the inside wall button is held down until the door is closed there is an issue with the garage door opener safety beams also known as eye beams or photo cells. The eye beams are required to be mounted at the bottom portion of the door no lower than 4” and no lower higher than 6” off the ground. On most eye beams there will be a small led on each of the units. When both led are illuminated and not blinking that indicates the beams are aligned and working properly. If this is the case and your door is not functioning the beams could be vibrating when the door is activated making them come out of alignment for a brief second witch make the opener think something is in the way. Most photos are not extremely sensitive to vibration. If this is happening the beams have probably been moved slightly by someone or something. If only one beam has a led illuminated or one led is blinking this means the eyes are out of alignment and need to be realigned. When realigning the eye beams it is best to have 2 people. Have 1 person at each photo and move the photo around a little bit the led should stay on. If you move it one way and it goes out adjust it the opposite way a little bit. Keep adjusting them until you can slightly move each photo and the led stays on. If the led lights are out on both eyes there are a few possibilities, there is no power to the opener, a problem with the wiring to the eyes, the garage door opener logic board or brain is out. You can trouble shoot these you self or call a company that performs garage door repair. Other company’s the perform garage door opener installation may also be able to do a service call.

This is just a few of the common garage door repairs we run into around Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Tumwater, Olympia, Lacey and surrounding areas.

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How cold weather affects your garage door in Washington

icicle_ice_coldWinter is the time of year when most people like to park inside their garage. Keeping your car inside is very convenient weather you are dealing with rain, snow or just colder temperatures.

With the weather getting colder people may or may not think about their garage door.  The garage door is the largest mechanical object in most people’s home. When a garage door is not maintained by the homeowner or by a professional it could fail at an inopportune time.

In the fall and winter months the wet weather can affect your garage door. If you have a wood door the increase in rain and humidity can make the door swell. If the door and the frame of the house are exposed to the elements they will both absorb moisture. When the door and framing swell the clearance that is left between the two decreases this can cause the door to start rubbing or jamb up when it is being used. It is very important to keep your rain gutters clean to avoid run over of water witch can splash onto the door when it hits the area in front of the door. Another reason to keep water away from the garage door is in case of freezing weather. When the temperature drops if there is any water built up at the bottom of the door it can actually freeze shut. A lot of times when this happens unknowingly the person will go out to open the garage door and when they push the button the opener will not open the door. The only way to get the door to work if this happens is to melt the ice. Some overhead door professionals will argue other effects of cold weather. Here at Hung Right Doors we also notice an increase of service calls for broken springs when the temperature drops.

Garage door openers can also react to the weather change.  Some of the moving parts are lubricated with different products. These lubricants can change consistency with the weather. The adjustment that makes the opener stop and reverse if it hits something is known as the sensitivity. If the sensitivity is set to light the cold grease can thicken and cause the motor to think the door is hitting something. There are different types of garage door openers belt, chain and screw drive are a few of the most popular types. All of the different types have their own maintenance schedule. Refer to your owner’s manual before preforming any maintenance to ensure you are using the right products.

Maintenance should be preformed on the typical garage door twice a year. Refer to your owner’s manual for the door and the opener prior to lubricating or making any adjustments. Consider scheduling a professional to come out for a service call once a year at that time the technician can perform the more complicated and dangerous adjustments like torsion springs etc. The technician should be able to show you the basic maintenance tasks that you can do yourself until your next service call.

If you have any question give the Hung Right Doors team a call at 360.753.2222 for all your garage door needs in Lacey Washington, Tumwater, Olympia, Aberdeen or anywhere inbetween.


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Hung Right Doors Before & After Pictures by Scott

This gallery contains 9 photos.

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How to Buy New Garage Doors


How to Buy New Garage Doors

In the market for new garage doors? If you haven’t looked at garage doors lately, prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

The range of design and material options is almost endless, which means you can get a door that not only secures your home and enhances its curb appeal; it can improve its energy efficiency at the same time.

Here’s what you need to consider when you’re shopping.

Budget. Like everything, budget dictates options. Garage doors range in price from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the size, materials and design you choose. Even if you have a small budget you can still get a great looking door that is going to enhance the look of your home.

Design. Visit retailers and review manufacturer web sites to get a sense of the options available, but ultimately let your home be your guide. The garage door design you choose should complement your home’s architectural style, the shape and size of the windows and entry doors, and other exterior details.

Clopay offers the Door Imagination System, a free web based app, to help you visualize what a new garage door will look like on your home, so you can try before you buy. Check it out at www.clopaydoor.com/DIS/garage-door-imagination-system.aspx. It’s also available on Facebook at www.facebook.com/clopaygaragedoors so you share the options and gather opinion from your friends.

Insulation. Doors can be insulated or non-insulated. If your garage is attached to the house, choose an insulated door. This will help reduce utility bills – both in hot and cold weather. An insulated door is especially important if there is a regularly occupied room above the garage. In addition to being more energy efficient, it will also help block out noise.

If you live in a mild climate or have a detached garage that will be used only to park the car, specify a less expensive, non-insulated door.

Lifestyle. If you have children or use the garage as a workshop, opt for an insulated, heavy gauge steel door that isn’t going to dent every time a ball or bike hits it. This type of door will also help keep the space a comfortable temperature.

Upkeep. Maintenance is another consideration. Every door needs regular check-ups to maximize its life and reliability. Doors made from steel or composite are very durable and virtually maintenance-free, but some people prefer the warmth and character of wood and the limitless design options. Depending on the climate and exposure, wood doors will need to be painted or stained every few years.

Building Code Requirements. If you live in a coastal region or high wind area you may need a reinforced door as specified by the local building code authority. Because of their size, garage doors are more susceptible to wind damage than other exterior openings – especially two-car garage doors. Unless you have a tested, reinforced door installed, high winds can force it out of the opening, putting your home and property at risk.

“Green” Factor. Sustainability is a key element of green building, and, with a life cycle of between 15 and 20 years, an investment in a durable garage door that can withstand the rigors of daily use is money well spent for a home and the environment.Look for heavy-gauge steel to ensure a quality appearance, dent resistance and quiet operation, a hot dipped galvanized coating topped with a baked-on paint finish that resists fading and peeling, and environmentally safe, good insulation that is bonded on both sides of the door panel for improved strength and energy efficiency.

Materials. Today, homeowners can choose among wood, steel, composite or aluminum garage doors. Tomorrow we’ll look at the pros and cons of each.

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History of the garage



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Garage Door Before & After Photos by Hung Right Doors

Garage Door Before & After Photos by Hung Right Doors

Hung Right Doors Before & After Garage Door in Olympia WA

The doors were replaced with Clopay insulated carriage style doors with decorative hardware.

Before & After Garage DoorHung Right Doors in Olympia WA

These are fiberglass doors we replaced that we replace with New Clopay doors standard design but they look great!

Old wood one piece doors we replaced.

Old wood one piece doors we replaced.

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Sizing a Garage Door Opening When Building a New Garage

confusedThe information here is to help people understand how to frame an opening for a garage door. Clopay will make most  door models in any width at 2″ increments and any height in 3″ increments. There is a up charge for custom sizes but it can be done. Some common standard widths for residential garage doors are 8′, 9′, 10′, 12′, 16′, 18′. Commercial door widths vary some examples are 10′, 11′, 12′, 13′, 14 all the way up to 30′.  Some common residential heights are 7′ and 8′. Commercial heights are all over the board. No matter what size the door is, Clopay can have the door delivered within 3 weeks of order. The only exception would be a totally custom garage door such as one made with wood or faux wood composite material.

No one should underestimate the task of planning for your garage door size when building a new garage.  It is a pretty challenging task.  Even those who have done it before can have a hard time planning for the proper finished garage door opening size. The right measurements are necessary to make sure that the garage door fits correctly into the opening of the new garage.  Some people try to skirt this problem by buying the garage door first and then constructing the opening according to the door’s dimensions.  Either way, you still have to end up with the correct finished opening size.  This concern particularly applies to those homeowners who would like to ensure that their garage door is properly sealed to control the heat and moisture that can escape or enter the garage if the framing is not correct and you end up with open gaps.  The garage door should effectively provide the extra protection and insulation to make the garage secure and temperate. Aside from this the design or overlay on the outside of the door will be effected if  the opening is to narrow or short. If it is not fitted to the garage the right way the door will look strange from the outside.Advice from a Trusted Garage Door Service Company Hung Right Doors LLC  is the company that has the expertise to advice homeowners on their choice of garage door models and sizes.  They can even give advice as to the construction of this structure.  In most cases, the advice would be to leave enough space around the door for things such as backroom, headroom, and side room. We can even help with the foundation like leaving a soffit for the door to sit in. The soffit recessed in the concrete under the door will keep rain from blowing into the garage from underneath the door.  Here are the specifics for the space required. Note: You can get away with less space but these are good guide lines.

  • For the space on the sides “Sideroom” leave about 6″ inches on each side.
  • For the space above the door “Headroom” 17″ clearance. This will leave room far a garage door opener. This can be less with special track systems.
  • By the time the jambs or finish trim have been applied, the opening size should be the same as the size of the door.  Thus, if the door’s is 16′ foot wide by 7′ tall the finished opening should be 16′ wide by 7′ tall. If you are having trouble getting the exact dimension go a little narrower or shorter.

Garage Door Framing Tips
To give you a better picture of the specific things to do, companies such as the Hung Right Doors, Aberdeen Garage Door Services and Olympia Garage Door Service provide installation manuals that contain instructions on “Preparing the Opening.”  This section explains how you can measure out and prepare the perfect size of the opening.  These manuals even have some tips for garage door care.

Here are some of the tips that you might find:

  • Check that there is an exterior perimeter seal or stop molding to finish the garage door opening.  This will serve as protection against weather elements like wind and rain.
  • Make sure the lower side jambs would leave only 1Ž4 inch of space off the concrete floor.  The purpose is to prevent moisture wicking and rotting.

When In Doubt
If you’re not 100% sure about anything with your project, don’t proceed.  Instead, call for help or ask for professional advice.  The people from Hung Right Doors are quite accommodating.  They will be willing to help you with your purchasing and installation concerns so that your project will be worthy of spending your time and money.

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