Why you should be parking in your garage

Carriage Style Garage Door Installed by Hung Right Doors

The Garage! It’s a whole room in our house outfitted with thousands of dollars’ worth of hardware made specifically for accommodating your car. However, many of us use the garage as a storage room, essentially making it impossible to park our belongings that are some of our most expensive investments. Now, obviously we at Hung…

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How to keep rats out of the garage.

One problem that anyone with a garage can experience is rats. Rats love to get their way into garages because they are warm, and often have some materials that they can chew through and burrow into. A garage is basically a rats greatest dream. But is it a persons?You may know how to get rid…

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Repairing a garage door panel.

It happens to everyone, a lone rock while mowing, a child accidentally throws a baseball, or sometimes you aren’t paying enough attention and you hit your garage door a little with your car, and your door is dented. In one way or another most garage doors will probably suffer some dents and dings at some…

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