Choosing A Garage Door For A Your Mid-Century Home

Mid Century Modern is a style that was introduced in the 1930’s through the 1960’s in Europe, then brought over to the United States by a few architects. This minimalist aesthetic spread relatively quickly, with many homes being built over that time, especially in the 50’s and 60’s being built in this new style. Mid…

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How to choose a garage door style

The Modern Farmhouse style is having a real moment right now. And who can blame it? The simple, clean lines and neutral color pallet share all the unfussiness of a modern pallet. If cuts down on the feeling of clutter while the farmhouse element adds charm, hominess and personal touches. It’s the perfect marriage of…

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Consider a battery backup garage door opener

Due to horrible circumstances in California, a new law has been passed there. We have had some of the worst wildfires in history the past few years, and many people have been killed or injured due to these happenings. It is at times like these that we must try to find something that we can…

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