To Tip, or Not to Tip… Your Garage Repair-person

These days its so difficult to know who and when to tip. There are several people that are obvious to tip, restaurant servers, baristas, hotel staff ect. But do you tip your garage repairman? And if so, how much?! So to be honest with you it is always nice to tip someone if they’ve done…

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How to keep bugs out of your garage

A little bit ago we talked about how to keep rats out of your garage. But rats are not the only pests that love to hang out in garages. At my house we have lots of bugs. Wasps, spiders, flies, you name it we’ve got it! Usually I’d be excited about having such variety in…

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Why your garage door is opening on it’s own

A call that we occasionally get Is from people who have garage doors that are seemingly opening up on their own. The caller will come home after a long day to find their door wide open, or wake up in the morning to a gaping door. This is understandably nerve-wracking because for many people the…

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